Flat terrains (in colour...) for 15mm wargames

Flat terrains (0.6mm and highly resistant), color photo-realistic, on high-density PVC 650g/m². Suitable for wargames in 15mm (1/100th) or 22mm (1/72nd), especially compatible with the "DBx" ranges (De Bellis Antiquitatis and others) and "Art de la Guerre."
Widely usable for other rule sets.
Flat terrains (in colour) for 15mm and 1/72
Flat terrains (in colour) for 15mm and 1/72
Flat terrains on high-density PVC (650g/m² for photorealistic printing without pixelation), compatible with DBx, AdG, and multiples other wargaming rules with miniatures.

You get a large panel of 195cm x 82cm (equivalent to over three mats of 60 x 80cm) filled with scenery, allowing you to play on all the intended terrains.

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